The VECCS is collaborating with the Veterinary Information Network (VIN) to conduct a series of webinars covering  timely ER and ICU topics.  These educational webinars are FREE to VECCS members.

August 17, 8pm EST; Marie Kerl, DVM, MPH, DACVIM, DACVECC
Zoonoses in the ICU: Protecting your Staff

Veterinarians and support staff working with critically ill patients in the intensive care unit are at increased risk for zoonotic disease exposure, both because of the types of bacterial and viral threats for which patients need care, and the invasive nature of treatments that critically ill patients require. This lecture will present information on the zoonotic threats in the small animal ICU, and outline plans to develop a hospital infection control program.

September 28, 8pm EST; Jan Kovacic, DVM, DACVECC
The Art of Emergency Medicine

It is common for veterinarians to be very anxious about receiving and managing emergency cases.  This anxiety affects the new graduate entering general practice and the young doctor joining an emergency practice, but it also can invade the practice life of even the most experienced practitioner, GP or specialist.  This webinar will discuss the non-clinical aspects of emergency case management so that the energy and effort can be applied more to the physical state of the patient and less to the emotional state of the clinician and the support staff.

October 19, 8pm EST; Gregory R. Lisciandro, DVM, DACVECC
The Use of Global FAST Ultrasound (AFAST, TFAST and Vet BLUE) for Small Animal Patient Resuscitation, Tracking (Monitoring) and CPR

The 1-hour seminar will present a general overview of AFAST and its fluid scoring system; and standard views of AFAST and TFAST and Vet BLUE for assessing volume status, cardiac function, left and right-sided volume overload; and for the rapid detection of treatable conditions during CPR (Internal Bleeding, Cardiac Tamponade, PTE, Anaphylaxis).


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