Volunteer Opportunities

Education Committee

Advises and assists with the administration and promotion of VECCS educational programs and resources.

Facility Certification Committee

Assists in decision-making and process development of the VECCS Facility Certification operations.

Finance Committee

Review, advise, audit and report on the society’s fiscal matters.

Membership Services Committee

Membership sales, retention, marketing, dues and experience.

Practice Leadership Committee

Encouraging Practice Leaders to take advantage of VECCS membership benefits.

Program Committee

Develops the Scientific Programs for VECCS events, under the direction of the Symposium Committee.

Publications Committee

Ensuring the quality and value of the JVECC Journal and its publication operations.

Symposium Committee

Ensures that the Scientific Program meets the educational needs, objectives and interests of the VECCS & ACVECC membership.

VECCS Gives Committee

This committee helps plan and decide the charitable initiatives of VECCS through its mission to enhance the quality of life for animals in need and for working K9s.