Monthly Mingles

Enhance your VECCS member experience by joining in our all new, virtual, Monthly Mingles! Each month there will be at least one opportunity for you to connect with colleagues and fellow VECCS members to connect, brainstorm and share! Each ‘Mingle‘ will have a unique theme or topic and a moderator who has in-depth, applicable experience to get the meet-ups going; but ultimately our members will have the floor!

These are casual meet-up opportunities to give our members a safe space to talk freely and respectfully to each other about all things veterinary. Grab a cocktail, dinner, coffee, whatever floats your boat and feel free to hop in or out at your convenience.

Those who do stick around until the end may win a great prize!

April’s Monthly Mingle:
Savings vs Paying Off Debt

April 13 @ 11am CST

Moderator: Thomas Seeko

Upcoming Events

may 2022

11may11:00 am12:00 pmLeadership Connection - MayVECCS Leadership Connection

19may9:00 am10:00 amNew Member Orientation - MayWelcome! We're so excited to have you!

june 2022

08jun11:00 am12:00 pmMonthly Mingle - JuneVECCS Monthly Mingle

16jun9:00 am10:00 amNew Member Orientation - JuneWelcome! We're so excited to have you!

july 2022

13jul11:00 am12:00 pmLeadership Connection - JulyVECCS Leadership Connection

21jul9:00 am10:00 amNew Member Orientation - JulyWelcome! We're so excited to have you!

august 2022

10aug11:00 am12:00 pmMonthly Mingle - AugustVECCS Monthly Mingle

18aug9:00 am10:00 amNew Member Orientation - AugustWelcome! We're so excited to have you!

september 2022

14sep11:00 am12:00 pmLeadership Connection - SeptemberVECCS Leadership Connection

15sep9:00 am10:00 amNew Member Orientation - SeptemberWelcome! We're so excited to have you!

october 2022

12oct11:00 am12:00 pmMonthly Mingle - OctoberVECCS Monthly Mingle

20oct9:00 am10:00 amNew Member Orientation - OctoberWelcome! We're so excited to have you!

november 2022

09nov11:00 am12:00 pmLeadership Connection - NovemberVECCS Leadership Connection

17nov9:00 am10:00 amNew Member Orientation - NovemberWelcome! We're so excited to have you!

december 2022

14dec11:00 am12:00 pmMonthly Mingle - DecemberVECCS Monthly Mingle

15dec9:00 am10:00 amNew Member Orientation - DecemberWelcome! We're so excited to have you!