Practice Leader of the Year Award

About the Award

Is there a leader in your practice who has demonstrated an unwavering commitment to their team while consistently upholding the practice’s core values and helping them to achieve their mission? If so, nominate that individual for this prestigious award! All veterinary leaders within clinical practice are eligible to be selected as the recipient so long as they devote no less than half of their time to administrative duties.

The recipient of this award will be recognized at the Practice Leadership Luncheon at IVECCS. They will receive a trophy and $500. Most importantly, they receive the much-deserved honor and recognition of being celebrated for all that they do to support their team and the broader profession.


The VECCS Board of Directors is accepting nominations for the VECCS Ira M. Zaslow Distinguished Service Award. This award is given to an individual who has demonstrated exceptional commitment and dedication while making significant contributions to the Society and the practice of Veterinary Emergency Critical Care. Nominees do not need to be a veterinarian. Nominations should include a summary biography of the nominee and a brief justification for the award.

Members are invited to suggest nominees to the Nominations Chair, by clicking the button below.

Click “Start entry”, under program select “VECCS”, then under category select “Awards/Nominations”, then “Zaslow Award”.

Past Winners

Suzanne DeCook

Bo Compton

Kate Parker

Marta Jackson

Jessica Towley

Brandee Crowder