The VECCS Board of Directors has charged the Facility Certification Committee with the honor and privilege of upholding the standards of cutting-edge emergency and critical care veterinary medicine by providing minimum facility requirements for emergency facilities. The Committee is tasked with examining the application documents from all the emergency and critical care facilities that have sought to become VECCS certified and those that wish to continue to carry their certification. The authority used by the Committee in its decisions regarding all applications is the current version of the Minimum Requirements for an Emergency and Critical Care Facility, which was approved by the VECCS Board of Directors in January 2021. The Committee’s task is to evaluate a hospital’s facility, its infrastructure, its business hours, its ER and ICU staff, their respective schedules, the hospital’s commitment to providing training and continuing education for all those staff who are involved in patient care, medical records, equipment and supplies, and reference books and printed or online resources available to their staff. VECCS and the Committee have no intention to judge the quality of medicine that is practiced within a facility, or to evaluate their business decisions, policies, and procedures. To perform its evaluation, the Committee completes a checklist audit. It seeks 100% compliance with the Minimum Requirements before certification is approved for any facility at any level.

Interested in Joining?

Committees are a great way for new, and longtime members alike, to get involved with VECCS and give impactful input as we continue pursuing our mission!

Committee Members

Dr. Amanda Hilliard
Committee Chair

Dr. Jen Devey
Dr. Marc Raffe
Jared Carroll
Genettie Nix

Dr. Elisa Mazzaferro
Board Liaison

Natalie Baus
Nat Aguigui
Alexa Treviño


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