VECCS Gives is the charitable arm of the Society (VECCS). The VECCS Gives Committee is responsible for enhancing the quality of life for animals in need and working K9s through scholarships, grants, animal welfare projects, education and training.  Every two years the President appoints a chairperson. The committee comprises a minimum of 3 persons that fulfills its mission with the assistance of generous donations, sponsorships, and dedicated volunteers.

Interested in Joining?

Committees are a great way for new, and longtime members alike, to get involved with VECCS and give impactful input as we continue pursuing our mission!

Committee Members

Deanne Pawlisch
Committee Chair

Dr. Deborah Silverstein
Dr. Susan Barnes
Dr. Cole Taylor
Dr. Bob Messenger
Dr. Lorna Lanman
Chris Kotnaur
Julie Black
Mary Stamp
Dr. Tara Fetzer

Alyce D’Amato
Board Liaison

Lauren San Martin
Ridglea Callahan
Alexa Treviño

Volunteer Opportunities