Program Committee

Program Committee


The IVECCS Program Committee will be responsible for planning the curriculum of the Symposium under the direction of the Symposium Chairperson. Members of the Program Committee will include the IVECCS Program Coordinator(s) session coordinators, including the small animal, AVECCTN, large animal, exotic animal, practice leadership, and wellness, as well as representatives of affiliated groups. Additional members will be appointed as needed to ensure that the Scientific Program meets the educational needs, objectives, and interests of the VECCS and ACVECC membership. The IVECCS Program Coordinator(s) will be responsible for appointing members to the committee and for meeting the deadlines required in the development and execution of IVECCS.

Interested in Joining?

Committees are a great way for new, and longtime members alike, to get involved with VECCS and give impactful input as we continue pursuing our mission!

Committee Members

Adesola Odunayo
Program Committee Chair

Andrea Steele
Program Committee Chair

Chris Gray

Elke Rudloff
Ex-Officio Member

Stevin Epstein
Small Animal Program Coordinator/VECCS BOD Liaison

Kate Hopper
Veterinarian MDR Program Coordinator

Leslie Carter
Technician MDR Program Coordinator

Trish Farry
Technician Program Coordinator

Tony Mann
Small Animal Abstracts Session Coordinator

Diana Hassel
Large Animal Program Coordinator

Jennifer Gold
Large Animal Program Coordinator/ Large Animal Abstracts Session Coordinator

Kate Parker
Practice Leadership/Wellness/Ethics Program Coordinator

Jennifer Graham
Exotics/Avian Program Coordinator

Tamara Grubb
IVAPM Liaison

Sarah Musulin
AVHTM Liaison

Laboratory Logistics Coordinator

Armelle deLaforcade
ACVECC Liaison

Armi Pigott
Resident Focus Program Coordinator

Elizabeth Rozanski
Veterinarian Case Report Session Coordinator/ACVECC Scientific Program Coordinator/Poster Abstract Session Coordinator

Ken Yagi
Technician Case Report Session Coordinator/Recover Liaison

Harold Davis
Operations Coordinator and Floor Manager

Thomas Edwards
Member at Large

Sarah Kokernot
VECCS Director of Meetings and Events

Natalie Baus
VECCS Education Manager

Marley Ninosky
VECCS Meetings and Events Coordinator